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Simin's Testimonies

I would like to share a few testimonies about the presences of God in the midst of the suffering I have witnessed...

I. A Family Restored
II. God and Protocol
III. God's Police
IV. Nothing is Impossible with God
V. Speaking Life and not Death
VI. Obedience to God
VII. Finding God
VIII. He Sent His Word to Heal
IX. God Sees the End from the Beginning
X . A Pro-Life God

My name is Simin. I am from Iran, and was raised in a Moslem home. As you can see from my picture, I was one of the top students in our school, receiving a gold badge from Princess Farah. I came to the United States of America to further my education, but the education that I have received in the classroom of Jesus, is incomparable to any earthly education. God loves you!

At the present, I am a registered nurse, board certified in critical care. I have cared for hundreds of AIDS patients, for people with stab and gunshot wounds, injuries from air and auto accidents, near drownings, electrical accidents and people suffering from the diseases of the Third World Countries. When I look at the human body, I see the brilliant mind of God, and His signature over every organ and every tissue. We are, as David said, “fearfully and wonderfully made.” Psalms 139.14 Glory be to God! This brilliant God has given His Son, Jesus, to die for my sins, for your sins, and for the sins of the whole world. This was God's brilliant way to take care of our shortcomings. Jesus said, “I am the way, the truth and the life. No man cometh to the Father but by me.” John 14:6 . Now I would like to share a few testimonies about the presence of God in the midst of the suffering I have witnessed.

Isa-Masih is known in English as Jesus the Messiah. shares the testimonies of Simin,
a registered nurse, who has witnessed the presence of God in the midst of suffering.
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